Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Putting Lessons From The Pros - Paige Pierce and Ricky Wysocki Share Their Secrets

Last week we held a fun event that gave local players a chance to compete with some of our top pros at the Luck of the Draw Skins match. Held at Peter Pan Park, tickets were sold beforehand and names were pulled at each hole to determine the cards for the day.

Prior to the start of the event, Paige Pierce and Ricky Wysocki put on a relatively brief putting clinic to demonstrate various styles and educate locals about how they can improve their own game.

Check out part 1 of the putting clinic.

Practical tips about shoulder alignment and general body movements started things off as the pros showed players how they can adjust their stance to achieve better results.

Part 2 of the clinic continues with great tips.

Audience members had the chance to ask questions about specific portions of Ricky and Paige's putting form and were able to take their tips and apply them to what works for their body and putting style.

Finish up the series with part 3 here.

Other than how we position our bodies for the type of putt we're after, Ricky and Paige also emphasize focusing on timing, wrist spin, and a whole host of other elements that can help you become a better putter.

What tips would you add to their suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!
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