Monday, February 12, 2018

We Had A Whale Of A Time At The Bag Of Tricks!

January was an exciting month, not only because we got a new RV, but because we got to take it to Carrollton, Texas for the first Whalepants event of 2018. After learning where our gas cap is and seeing AJ Risley’s sweet dance moves, we arrived at the event ready to see what the Bag of Tricks was all about.

We pulled up to the DD Carrollton store full of excitement and were greeted by Tina Stanaitis and Spout the cat. A quick trip to Waffle House was in order the next day, and then it was off to the event! Participants got to dig through boxes of discs and grill Eric Oakley on how each one flies, and as the sun peeked out of the clouds it was time to get going.

Special scorecards for each group denoted the types of shots that were required during the round, including the usual backhands and forehands, but with the occasional roller and player’s choice options thrown into the mix.

Not only does the Bag of Tricks let players get more comfortable with shots they don’t normally throw, but it helps to expand their view of how they would play a specific hole. When you’re forced to throw in a way that’s not your norm, it can really help you to grow your skill set. The event was a huge success and players felt like they learned a lot about their own disc golf game.

Stay tuned for a Bag of Tricks event to swing into your town, as Whalepants is going on tour during 2018! For a good laugh, check out the full Disc Golf Adventure video here.
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