Friday, February 9, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 2: Paige's Tips For Women On The Tee Box

Last week we gained some insight into how Paige has been so successful on the disc golf course and found that a lot of it has to do with the repetition of certain skills and the ability to modify her game to suit her own strengths. In that vein, we’re going to dive even deeper into one of the areas that she’s best known for - her booming drives off the tee box.

If anyone tells you that there’s nothing women should do differently than men when it comes to unleashing a drive, they’re wrong. Pierce gave us some interesting things to think about when it comes to executing tee shots and how women can gain distance and accuracy. Let’s jump right into Part 2 of the DD Women’s Series!

Have The Right Mindset

Disc golf is about what’s between your ears as much as anything else, and there are a few things that can get in the way when ladies step up to a hole. First and foremost, Paige recommends being super careful with your disc selection. “Everyone wants the newest and greatest disc. Just because the man in your life hands you one doesn’t mean it’s good for you,” she says. Instead of opting for the nearest overstable disc, try honing your skills in with midranges first.

Comparison can really cause you to struggle on the course. One of the more common inquiries that Pierce hears women ask revolves around how a woman can throw as far as a guy, and it’s natural to want to unlock that secret. Unfortunately, while many women might not be as muscular as men, there’s a silver lining to reaching maximum distance: timing. One of the most shocking things about seeing Paige launch a disc over 400 feet is how compact her body is - it’s her timing, not bulging biceps, that works for her:

“I try to tell people to use your entire body as a muscle. If it’s all working together that comes from timing, and making sure your lower and upper body is working together. A way to achieve that is by putting a lot of body weight on the back part of your shot. When you pull through transfer that onto the plant foot so it’s like an explosion. You’re using your entire body to propel that disc.”

All About Anatomy

A major difference between a man throwing a distance shot and a woman doing the same has to do with the female form and some, shall we say, obstacles that might get in the way. Instructors commonly state that you should pull the disc flat across your chest, but for some ladies, that’s not an option.

What does Paige recommend in this instance? Start your shot higher above your chest and release at a lower angle. “When you come down with your elbow you have to rely more on your wrist. The benefit with that is that the disc will start low and fast, and it will end up raising later in the flight, but at least your release will be accurate, low, and controllable.”

The bottom line for ladies is to do what works for you on the tee box. No matter what the guys on the course do, choose discs that fit your game and think about your disc golf form as it relates to your own body shape.

Next week we’ll get into some more of the mental aspects of Paige’s game and how ladies can overcome common challenges on the course. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our DD Women’s Series!
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  1. Would be nice to see some video clips included on this. when she explains starting the shot higher on chest and release lower, I would like to see a clip of what she means