Thursday, May 28, 2020

Paige Shue on Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 317

Robert and Bobby are still at home working and we have special guest Paige Shue call in for the show. Paige is the 2018 PDGA Pro World Champion and during the call, we talk about getting back out on tour and she helps answer some disc golf questions.

New Disc Golf Audio Episode
  1. Paige Shue offers enlightening analysis on disc golf technique, strategy, and mental approach in Episode 317 of Disc Golf Answer Man. She answers questions from listeners with excitement and clarity, demonstrating her experience and providing helpful advice to players of all skill levels. This episode is entertaining and educational because to Shue's charismatic demeanor and sincere love for the game. Her counsel and suggestions will improve your comprehension and enjoyment of disc golf regardless of your level of experience. Listen in to hear some insightful commentary from one of the biggest names in disc golf.
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