Monday, March 23, 2020

Team Series Discs: A Deeper Look - Lucid-X Felon, Lucid-X Sheriff, Lucid-X Maverick, and Lucid-X EMAC Truth

The last set of Lucid-X Team Series discs are releasing on and local retailers on March 26, and we've saved some fantastic discs for this release. Let's take a closer look at these upcoming new releases!

If you've seen the UDisc commercial that features some of disc golf's well-known personalities included in the app as givers of advice to the app's users, you might be familiar with the phrase, "Felons are awesome!" It's also entirely possible that you've heard Eric Oakley say these exact words on a different video, Instagram story, or in person. There may be no greater champion for a particular disc than Eric Oakley is for the Felon. He bags at least 5 Felons at all times, and the Lucid-X Felon only enables him to carry more. The added stability from the Lucid-X makes the Felon even more of a workhorse in the wind and makes flex shots that much more likely to fade. If you agree that "Felons are awesome!" consider picking up a few!

The 2018 FPO World Champion, Paige Shue, loves crushing distance drivers and controlling her flights with a consistent, flat release. One of the keys to her world championship was her control of those high-speed drivers and keeping them in bounds at important times. After choosing the Lucid-X Getaway for her Team Series disc last year, Paige wanted to put her name on something with a little
bit more speed for 2020. The Sheriff is one of the farthest flying discs in the Dynamic Discs lineup, and the added stability from the Lucid-X plastic makes it more versatile for players with a little bit more arm speed. Most of these came out with a little bit flatter top, so they feel extremely comfortable for both backhands and forehands. If you're ready to try out a new bomber, the Lucid-X Sheriff is ready to bomb!

Zach Melton is known for several things. 1. His hair. 2. His beard. 3. His sense of humor. (Which really isn't that funny if you think about it.) (Just kidding, Zach is very funny.) 4. Carving lines through trees in the woods. We can only really make a disc to help with one of those things, so we think that the Lucid-X Maverick is a great choice for Zach. The
Maverick is an extremely throwable fairway driver that tends toward the understable side when thrown with some power. The Lucid-X Maverick gives power throwers a straighter version of the Maverick, and it gives those with slightly slower arm speeds an extremely straight fairway driver with minimal fade. The Lucid-X Maverick is worth trying for players of all skill levels!

2010 World Champion, Eric McCabe, has had his name on several discs, but there is one that he always talks about the most - the one that has his name IN it: the EMAC Truth. The EMAC is unlike any other midrange on the market, featuring glide that rivals a fairway driver and neutral stability that's hard to replicate. Lucid-X EMAC Truths have been produced in small batches in the past, but this release is one of the first on a larger scale. The Lucid-X plastic made these discs mold up with a little more dome than normal, and as a result, they are more resistant to turn and have a bit more late fade. If you're looking for an EMAC Truth to fill the straight-to-overstable slot in your bag, the Lucid-X version is worth a try!
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