Wednesday, March 11, 2020

DGAM Ep 306 with Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze, Robert McCall, and Ant-knee

Questions we answered in this episode:

What is up my friends?!, I have been playing disc golf a ton for the past two years, throwing the best plastic in the world made by Lat 64. I am finally feeling like I am ready to play my first tournament, and there is an amateur match play bracket near me, I know this is different than a normal tournament, however, I really would love to try it out. What do you guys think about doing an am match play bracket as my first tournament? Thank you for making my Tuesdays so much fun, and all the other days. Proud to throw the best discs in the world. Keep it real, and keep it groovy homies

I currently max out my drives at about 300 ft. And my goal is to eventually be able to hit 400. I have been trying to find as much time as possible to work on my form and field practice. I have not seen much improvement at the rate I am going which is about  an hour 2 days a week. Am I practicing too few and too far between you make much progress? how much time for a week would I need to dedicate to fieldwork start seeing some improvement?

Do you think, as the current pros we know and love and support, grow older that there might be an increase in the interest of Masters 40 and above coverage in the future of the sport?

Hey DGAM Fam, not sure about the ruling on this. I was playing on a card where a players throw went down into a cluster of bushes and couldn’t be found. The player went to throw from his last lie while we kept looking. We found his disc but it was after he threw his shot from the previous lie. My card mates said he could throw from his lost disc without penalty because he hasn’t thrown his next shot. Is this the correct ruling?

My million dollar question has to deal with power and accuracy. I can not grasp the concept of throwing with power and being accurate. It seems that if I want to be accurate with my throw, I have to cut down my strength by 50%. Are there any tips or exercises that you recommend in order to be accurate and throw with full strength? Also I can’t throw far in general. I probably get around 200-250ft. Still working on that.

I recently played in a tournament round that was very much a tail of two halves. My first 9 holes felt fantastic and everything was firing on all cylinders. On hole 10, there was about a 30 minute back up. After this, my back 9 holes were awful. I started missing simple shots that I normally make, and could not catch a break to save my life. The main reasons I can think of are that I was tired from sitting around and no longer had the adrenaline or mental momentum that I had on the front half of the course. How do you guys suggest to prevent this from happening?

I am a Third-year player (MA50/MA2) and a local business wants to cover my tourney fees, so the question is, if the local business (Crafty Ales and Lagers---best beer around) pays my entry fees, do I still have Amateur status?

when approaching a shot that requires the disc to finish to the right(I am a right handed player) what makes the decision between throwing a forehand vs a backhand anhyzer?

Hey Slick Breeze, McHair, McTruth, thanks for all you do.  Just wondering if the GBO is going to consider following the pro tour model of having the FPO tee off after MPO this year? Thoughts? P.S. lucidX wardens are absolutely perfect!

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