Wednesday, March 4, 2020

DGAM 305 mixdown

Questions we answered on this episode:

How often does the "status" (popularity) of a player influence whether or not they are granted entry into a tournament if they didn't sign up on time? I watched the interview with Drew Gibson after a debate online and it got me thinking...If Paul or Ricky doesn't sign up for a tournament on time, should they be allowed to cut in front of everyone on the waitlist due to their status? What do the rules say about waitlists and how TD's should handle them?

What are some ways to practice hitting your lines? I have a tournament coming up that has some extremely tight gaps to hit, and I want to be sure I can hit them with more than just luck. I can practice aiming for a target or throwing between some objects, but that usually just shows me that I CAN hit the line and that I can be FAR from the line. I want a practice session to actually help me dial in my accuracy. Besides just trying to hit a target line, what are some ways I can help reinforce the good throws and start minimizing the errant shots? I would like to be able to come away from a practice session at least a little more accurate than when I started.

I’ve been playing for a few years and though I take the sport seriously I'd classify myself as a rec player. While I’ve improved in other areas, my distance has plateaued at 300 ft. I have a good grasp of what I need to do to improve, I simply struggle to implement it. This is mostly due to the limited time I have to work on my form. Hearing all of you talk about your own skill sets got me thinking. As a thought experiment, if someone like Bobby decided to dedicate more time to increasing distance and worked with Eric or Danny to do it, what do you think his ceiling might be with six months of work? Is 400 ft beyond reach? I’m aware Bobby is happy with where he is, I’m just curious what you think is possible for a player with similar skills. Also, as a suggestion for future videos, it would be interesting to see Danny work with someone overtime at the rec level. This would give viewers the chance to see a player develop by implementing the fundamentals taught in other videos.

If you have a tournament to play and circumstances prevent a practice round, how do you recommend you play? I am an intermediate golfer so I'm not looking to birdie anything but wonder how aggressive I can be and still play well.

I've been really working on my forehand, and am wondering if it's better to just throw my bag, or a few similar flying discs so I can see how I'm doing with release angle etc, or is there another way I'm not thinking of?

I have a SE Guard and I love it the only down fall i have with it is how deep the rim is. Am i legally able to shave the rim down on a mill and use it in a tournament? If not is their a similar disc to the guard only with a shallower rim?

Imagine a hole with two baskets, a short and a long one. While playing a tournament my card played to the short basket. 2 of the players putted out and finished the hole but before the rest of us made our final putts we hear the group in front of us hollering that we are supposed to play to the long basket. In this scenario what would you do? Since half the card has already finished the hole would you keep playing to the short basket and take a penalty or start throwing to the long basket and just penalize the players who already finished the hole? Luckily this wasn't a sanctioned tournament and the TD allowed us to replay the hole.

HeckleGuy was our SkipAce winner for the week!<

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