Thursday, February 6, 2020

Primary putting style, Dynamic Discs on Twitch, and more disc golf questions on DGAM Ep 301

Questions from this episode:

What is the relationship between distance and how high the disc is thrown, and how does the stability come into play? For the sake of the question let's assume discs are thrown flat or on a hyzerflip.

Hello there DGAM, I'm from the north of Sweden where we have long and dark winters and short but blissful discgolf seasons. I want to know how I could recruit more players to the sport, even though the actual discgolf courses only are pleasant to play at during the "warmer" half of the year. And how can I help maintaining peoples interest during the off-season? 

I’ve been playing disc golf for about 2 years now. I would say my biggest struggle in the game (as many others) is putting. I am a spin putter and some days my putts will be on and there will be times where I just get the yips. I try to slow down and really focus but sometimes the yips for me are inevitable. Anyone have any tips?

I’m looking for a trilogy replacement for the Innova  pig. I have found one Pig, in particular, that is puddle top and I utilize it on just about every hole. All other pigs I’ve come across are domey. So I’m looking for a trilogy mold that is very flat to puddle top, has a similar feel to Innovas R-Pro plastic and I prefer the thumbtack that the pig offers. I like Harps but they don’t seem to be as beefy on the rim as the pig. I also tried the Slammer and it just didn’t have a similar feel

What are some gift ideas if I want to purchase a gift for my husband for Valentines Day, but I feel like he has a lot of disc golf stuff already? Any disc golf accessories that are neat but not necessarily something everyone would have?

Hello Bobby Cool Daddy Slick Breeze, Robert I wear a wig McCall, and Emac, fake course designer who is actually a spy.  All shots at Robert aside, we all like you man, I have a real question today.  I have seen Paul McBeth's gym with baskets and nets, and I was wondering if you guys could recommend a net for throwing discs into.  Second question.  What do the different levels of your teams mean?  Also you guys need to head to Freedom Park in Valdosta, Georgia.  It's a great place to play a round.

I was just watching champs vs Chumps and youtube decided to give me a ball golf commercial where a guy at a golf shop helped guy select the best driver for him using some technology to measuring his swing, angle, speed, etc. He was able to help the guy get a lot of extra distance on his drives. Do you think disc golf shops will ever do this type of thing to help people select the best driver for them? 

I started playing about 8 months ago and am really loving the sport. When I first started playing I would putt almost exclusively with a straddle putt and continued to do so for many months. However, within the last couple months I've started experimenting with different putting styles. I've found the nose up spin putt style, similiar to Simon Lizotte's, to feel more natural. So for the last 2 months I've been working on and putting with that. The question I have for you is that although the spin putt is more comfortable for me I still find that I am more consistent with the straddle putt. Given this information which form should I work on and use as my primary putting style? Should I stick with what is most consistent or should I change to what feels natural?

You can listen to the episode below, or if you'd rather watch the episode you can do so on our YouTube channel here:
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