Monday, December 30, 2019

What Are Your Disc Golf Goals In The New Year?

It’s hard to believe that 2019 came and went so quickly, and with each new year, we have another opportunity to set some goals around our disc golf game. While we can certainly challenge ourselves any time of the year, there’s just something about January that helps us to get into the spirit of reaching new heights. Whether you’re a player who is still fairly new to the sport or you’ve been active in the scene for years, there are always ways to improve your game - but what will you focus on?

The Number One Objective

Perhaps more than any other type of goal related to disc golf, we hear about people’s ratings and the desire for them to go up. If you consider yourself to be a rather competitive person and want to see how you compare to others in your division, then this is a great way to do so. Since your rating is directly related to your performance on the course, it makes sense that it would be the ideal way to improve. But is “raise my rating by 20 points” the only way to challenge yourself? We don’t think so.

Improving Your Performance

There are tons of other ways to measure your success in disc golf that have nothing to do with your ratings and instead focus on various aspects of your game. For those who love doing fieldwork, set a new goal for yourself when it comes to max distance - even adding an extra 20 or 30 feet can make a big difference on the course. Spend some time around the practice basket as well, and see if you can challenge yourself in 2020. Maybe your circle two putts need some work or you can simply focus on putting a certain number of times per week.

Tournament rounds can also be a great way of improving one’s game even if you aren’t looking at your rating. Consider playing in some of the same events as last year and set a goal for yourself to finish higher on the leaderboards than you did before, even if it’s only by one spot. If you’re not too terribly interested in where you land, why not set a goal to simply have more fun?

Infinite Options

Your disc golf goals in 2020 don’t have to be meaningful to anyone but yourself and they can be as varied as you want. Maybe you want to play three more events this year than you did last year, or perhaps you want to volunteer your time at the local course - any type of effort that you put toward the sport and your own personal development within it is a worthy goal, so don’t feel pressured to make it based upon your skillset.

We want to hear from you! Even if 2020 is your first year playing the game, what goals do you have set for yourself over the next 12 months? No goal is too large or small, so be sure to let us know below!
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