Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dynamic Discs Month In Review - November 2019

Dynamic Discs employees and fans are often asked, “Which of your discs are the most popular?” We tend to think that we know the answers, but some of our ideas may or may not be biased depending on our personal favorites. It’s time to put all that speculation to rest with some COLD, HARD FACTS. It’s time for the Dynamic Discs Month In Review.

Some discs may appear twice or more because of different plastic types. Here are November's top sellers:

  1. Lucid-X Chameleon Judge
  2. Lucid Raider
  3. Zero Medium Moonshine Keystone
  4. Opto Air Jade
  5. Opto River
  6. Opto Diamond
  7. Lucid-X Suspect
  8. Classic Soft Burst Judge
  9. Classic Blend Judge
  10. Classic Blend Burst Judge
  11. Gold Diamond
  12. Classic Burst Judge
  13. Lucid EMAC Truth
  14. Lucid Patrol
  15. Classic Warden
  16. Prime Judge
  17. Lucid-X Maverick
  18. VIP-X Glimmer Underworld
  19. Classic Deputy
  20. Zero Medium Burst Pure

Black Friday has come and gone, and it gave us one of the coolest products we’ve seen - the Lucid-X Chameleon Judge. The Lucid-X Chameleon version is joined by FIVE other Judge variants for November. Putters certainly won the month as the Judge was joined by the Keystone, Warden, Deputy, and Pure to claim nine of the top seller positions. It seems that everyone is gearing up for Winter Marksman Leagues! The Raider is still atop the list of drivers, but newcomer Air Jade claimed the fourth spot and joins the Opto and Gold Diamond for newer players and slower arm speeds. The River has remained one of our most thrown and sold discs, and it’s joined by a Lucid-X Maverick restock as well as the VIP-X Glimmer Underworld release. As 2020 nears, be on the lookout for more special plastic from Westside Discs for Nikko Locastro on this list. Now get out there, brave the cold, and play some disc golf!

Thanks for joining us in looking at a snapshot of our best sellers. Which discs are you surprised to see off the list? Leave a comment below, and let us know why your favorite disc should make December’s Month in Review!
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