Monday, November 18, 2019

We Uncover A Wealth Of Disc Golf Knowledge By Learning More About DD Team Member Jonathan Ray

Take one look at Jonathan Ray and you can instantly tell that this is a man who knows the ins and outs of the disc golf world. He’s been on tour for years and has over 100 career events under his belt, but that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, when he was first introduced to the sport, he had no idea that he wasn’t playing actual golf!

“I got tricked,” he explained. “I thought I was going to play golf with some friends. I showed up in khaki shorts and a collared shirt with my golf clubs in a park that didn’t have a golf course. Turned out we were playing disc golf. I got my butt kicked and my competitive nature made me learn the game to heal my wounded pride. Turns out the sport has become my passion and my livelihood.”

This story truly marked the beginning of something special, as JRay is now a major part of the Dynamic Discs team. Let’s learn more about him and uncover some tips and tricks he has for those who love the game just as much as he does!

Recognizing A Need

So how exactly did JRay go from khakis on the course to playing professionally? His love for disc golf opened his eyes to the areas in which he could make a difference locally, and that slowly grew into something more and more impactful over time:

“Shortly after I started playing disc golf I discovered a need for structure and leadership in my local disc golf community. I jumped in headfirst and met Jeremy Rusco and Jeremy Kindy a few months later at Bowling Green Ams. We developed a great bond. I competed at Am Worlds in Emporia a few months later and was offered a sponsorship. Those relationships have continued to be cultivated for the last 7 years and brought me where I am today.”

Not only does JRay get the chance to travel the nation and play some of his favorite events - he notes that Beaver State Fling is at the top of his list - but he also gets to represent Dynamic Discs in a truly meaningful way. “Dynamic Discs is my family. Not in the cliché way that gets thrown around - truly family. I believe in them. I trust them. I work my ass off for them because we share a vision. I believe attitude reflects leadership and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

It’s Only Getting Better

JRay mentioned that this year he’s been focusing on his mental game and composure, and aside from bringing home three A tier wins in 2019, this dedication really paid off during his final round at US Masters with a 1082-rated performance on Maple Hill’s Gold course. Thankfully, he shared with us a few of his secrets for finding success on the course and on the road.

First and foremost, his staple discs are key. He relies on the Judge, Verdict, and Getaway to execute the shots he wants with consistency. Curious about some of his lesser-known secrets? “If you want to be a touring player don’t commit to one travel partner for the year. Life has its ups and downs and spending a relentless amount of time with one person is hard. Mix it up and travel with someone for a month at a time. Also, invest in baby wipes. Hobo showers are a real thing.”

Getting the chance to play a round with JRay would show anyone what it means to be a true professional who is dedicated to the sport and to growing the community of disc golf as a whole. We’re thrilled that he’s a part of our family and can’t wait to see what next year has in store for him!
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  1. Except that time he had a local player booted from a B-Tier event because he's a jabroni