Monday, November 4, 2019

Resolving Injuries During The Offseason - How Can You Heal?

If you’re young and spry it’s probably a safe bet that you’re not getting hurt too terribly often on the disc golf course, unless you’re a full-time touring pro. The wear and tear that their bodies endure can be a lot, causing injuries among even the best in the game. Similarly, those of us who are older, not as physically fit, or have other pre-existing health concerns might end up with any range of issues as a result of playing.

Now that the offseason is upon us - at least for those who believe there is an actual disc golf offseason - it can be an ideal time to rest up and let our bodies heal. Rather than just sitting on the couch for the next three months, how can you actually take advantage of this break and get your body back on track?

Partner With A Professional

All too often we let a nagging ache in our bodies go untreated, and before long, these pains can transform into full-fledged issues. Sometimes people opt for going to physical therapy, yet there’s also another option to consider. For minor injuries that won’t seem to go away, why not partner with Disc Golf Strong and get the healing you need from someone who understands the trials our bodies go through during each and every round?

We’re not in any way discounting the therapy that could be provided to you by a local clinic, but if you’re seriously committed to your game, it makes sense to work with someone who knows how to meet your specific bodily needs.

Get Into Gear

While it’s not always the case, many times we sustain injuries during disc golf season because we’re not setting foot on the course in prime condition. Obviously, you don’t have to be fit whatsoever to play, but if you’re competing regularly enough to the point where you do get hurt, then it’s a wise idea to put time into exercising off the course.

Spending the next three months getting into shape isn’t just an investment in your overall health but it will help you to start the 2020 season in the best way possible. For some players, losing weight and simultaneously building strength can help with their stamina and even their form.

Taking It Easy

Everyone’s body is different, and we are in no way trying to dispense medical advice as only you know what will be the best way to approach an injury. Depending on what’s going on, you could benefit from resting, compression garments, alternating hot and cold packs on the affected area, and more. Just like there’s no right way to play the game we all love, there’s not a one size fits all way to heal from a disc golf injury.

If you’re curious to know how some of the DD Team handles their injuries, check out our latest video here. Feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know what you’ve found to be the most successful when it comes to healing during the offseason.
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