Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Meet Our New DyeMax Technician: Guthrie Briggeman

We have an exciting staff change to announce today. Guthrie Briggeman is the new DyeMax Technician at Dynamic Discs! Guthrie began working at Dynamic Discs two years ago as a warehouse floor employee, but his work ethic stood out, and he was asked to assist during busy seasons at DyeMax after only a short time. If you have met Guthrie or interacted with him, you know that he has an incredibly positive attitude and cares about making customers and employees feel right at home. "I'm excited to move forward with this Dynamic Discs in the DyeMax department. Looking forward to bringing my work ethic and energy to DyeMax and to continue the excellence our customers expect," Briggeman said.

Guthrie is one of many employees at Dynamic Discs who started at an entry-level position and has worked his way up to a new position. Matt Sedgwick began at Dynamic Discs as a hotstamp technician, and he now manages all of Dynamic Discs’ custom stamping and DyeMax orders. Kris Edson started at DD as a DyeMax Technician and was moved up to Product Manager where he has driven the production of many Dynamic Discs items that our fans know and love. Brian Shintaku moved to Emporia to work at Dynamic Discs, began as a warehouse floor employee, and now serves as the Team Manager for Latitude 64 and Westside Discs. If you’re interested in working in disc golf and moving up the ladder in a company, Dynamic Discs might be a perfect fit for you!

Any time that you email, Guthrie will be responding and ensuring that your DyeMax discs meet our standards and yours. Please join us in welcoming Guthrie to his new position!
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