Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Zoe Andyke: 2018 EDGE/PDGA Educational Award Winner!

If you've been around disc golf for a while, there's a good chance that you've met Zoe Andyke. Of the people that have met Zoe, approximately 100% of them think she is just the best, and all of them are correct. Zoe has an infectious energy and a genuine love for teaching and growing disc golf, so it's no surprise that she was awarded the 2018 EDGE/PDGA Educational Award. Zoe and Dustin Keegan have been hard at work with Universal Play Disc Golf (abbreviated UPlayDG), and it has been incredible to see just how far their hard work is pushing the sport of disc golf.

Zoe has a background in teaching and has been working to teach disc golf since long before UPlayDG existed. The EDGE/PDGA Educational Award was one upon which Andyke set her sights long ago, but she admitted that receiving it for 2018 was quicker than she had anticipated. She was overjoyed at being selected for the award, saying, "Winning this award is by far my BIGGEST accomplishment in my entire disc golf career, and it's my favorite award that I've received. It signifies the community that I have dedicated my life to working hard for recognizes what I'm doing, and it also supports and encourages me to continue with my mission!"

Zoe has multiple victories throughout her PDGA career, but her passion for educating certainly stands out as her priority. One only needs to look at Andyke's schedule to understand exactly how important she believes teaching to be. She gave up the opportunity to play many of the top-tier events in 2019 in favor of teaching at new schools. About their work with UPlayDG, Andyke said, "It's important to the entire sport of disc golf! Bringing new people into our sport, teaching them how to play, and become better directly grows EVERY piece of the disc golf world, from pro all the way down."

Friends of Andyke refer to a speed at which Zoe functions as "Zoe-tron Mode", and that pace seems between absurd to nearly impossible to most. However, if you know her, you know that Andyke has no intention of slowing down. "My future plan for the organization is to continue making tidal waves of difference in the sport by educating hundreds of thousands more people to play and or get involved! [I would love] to win this award again and again, and finish my entire career with that as the focus!" Andyke exclaimed.

If you want to get involved in growing the sport at the youth level, you can visit UPlaydiscgolf.org. We are so proud of Zoe, Dustin, and everyone involved at Universal Play Disc Golf!

Follow Zoe and Dustin on Instagram.
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