Friday, May 3, 2019

When Passion Turns Into A Job - Getting To Know DD's Art Director Jacob Torkelson

When was the last time that you got paid for something that was truly a hobby? We’re not talking about disc golf here, but something that you enjoy doing for fun that you would likely never think could turn into a career. For Jacob Torkelson, this scenario became a reality for him back in 2014. He works as the Art Director here at Dynamic Discs and is the guy behind many of our marketing efforts. If you’ve ever seen our YouTube videos or even checked out the sweet wrap on 2018 Worlds Champion Paige Bjerkaas’ van, you’ve seen Jacob’s work.

How exactly did his talent make its way to DD? Funny enough, there’s a bit of a story there that we’d like to share. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know Jacob, find out what he loves most about working at DD, and hear about how he helps to #growthesport.

A Twist Of Fate

In 2014, Jacob had no idea that he would be working for Dynamic Discs, much less had ever even heard of disc golf at all. At the time, the sophomore at Emporia State University had heard about an opening for a graphic design internship from his Marketing teacher. “Photoshop and graphics was something I always did in my free time. Whether that be creating wallpapers or superimposing my friend's heads on the body of Britney Spears for a few laughs, it's what I liked to do and I had gotten pretty good at it,” Torkelson explained.

Armed with experience and a go-getter attitude, he applied for the internship without having so much as heard of the company offering it. You guessed it, it was Dynamic Discs! After passing a hands-on Photoshop test, he started the following week and ended up getting hired on afterward. He’s since finished his degree and now works to create marketing campaigns and brand identities for DD.

Disc Golf Love

You hear it all of the time, but we’ll say it just once more - working at Dynamic Discs is truly like being with family. “I have had plenty of other jobs where you go to work and put up with other employees for 4-8 hours,” Jacob said. “Inside these doors is completely different. You come inside and are greeted by your literal best friends. Most people get off work and try to get as far away from coworkers as possible. Here, we are calling and texting each other to hang out after hours almost every day.”

Despite making some of his best friends here, Jacob still had one piece of the puzzle left - to actually start playing disc golf! He ended up grabbing a Blend Judge, a Fuzion Truth, and a Cadet bag and would throw at trees initially to better his aim. Forehands were practiced by throwing into his couch, and before long, Jacob was a full-fledged disc golfer. “I carry this brand with me everywhere I go. It's on my car, my shirts, my accessories. If I find a way to work it into a casual conversation, I will. I also donate a lot of discs in the form of losing them on the course to tall grass, bushes, and ponds,” he said with a laugh.

Jacob’s story goes to show you that taking a leap of faith is sometimes the very thing that gives you some of life’s greatest gifts. Now in love with the game and working at a company that’s both fun and challenging, he couldn’t be happier with his decision to apply for that internship.
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