Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What Are The PDGA Elections And Why Should I Care?

For some of us, disc golf is a sport that we enjoy on a truly recreational level - maybe we have a few discs and head out to the local course when we feel like it, but overall it’s not really something that’s a huge part of our life. Yet for many others, the sport has become one of the reasons we breathe. Disc golf offers a sense of community and competition like nothing else, and in order for it to continue to grow, it takes a wealth of dedicated volunteers to keep things moving along.

You may have seen announcements recently from the PDGA letting people know that the 2019 PDGA Elections have arrived. If you’re new to the sport or simply haven’t taken the time to understand what this opportunity means, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a brief look at what this entails and why it matters.

Two Options Available

As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, the PDGA is required to have a Board of Directors. Not only do these individuals help to shape the future of the sport, but they work to keep the PDGA afloat with new ideas. If you’re a fan of the various events held throughout the country or appreciate the rating system we have in place, you have the Board of Directors to thank.

Managing the trajectory of disc golf is a large task, and there’s more involved than one group of people can handle. That’s why there are also State, Provincial, and Country Coordinators that partner with the PDGA to organize disc golf efforts on a local level. It’s these individuals who are better able to address specific club questions and work as liaisons for the sport as a whole.

How You Can Get Involved

It’s clear that without all of these individuals involved, disc golfers would be random groups of people who do their own thing and don’t have much organization to rely on. Thanks to the PDGA Elections, players of all experience levels can rest assured that the sport is on track for positive growth and that their voices are heard!

This year, there are two positions available on the PDGA Board of Directors and 30 different Coordinator openings. The PDGA clearly outlines the application process here but we’ll give you a quick rundown:

  • Download and complete the Candidate Biography Questionnaire and email it to
  • While it’s not required, it’s strongly suggested that you record a 3 to 5 minute video and include that in your application
  • Board candidates have until May 30th to submit their application while Coordinator positions close on June 20th

If you think you have the time, dedication, and knowledge required to be a major part of where disc golf is going, consider throwing your hat in the ring for one of these openings! Not every state has an opening available, so check to see if it’s an option first before submitting your application.

Without the PDGA Board of Directors and the various Coordinators across North America, we’d be lost. Thank you to all of those who have served in these positions and good luck to all applicants!
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