Friday, May 17, 2019

Using Self-Awareness As A Tool In His Bag - Learning From DD Team Member Steven Jacobs

Anyone who takes disc golf seriously knows that there’s a mental element to the game that just can’t be ignored, and while this can be a challenge for some, others have it dialed in well enough that it helps them to take down the win at big events nationwide. For Illinois native Steven Jacobs, his ability to incorporate mindfulness into his disc golf game, and his life in general, has served him quite well.

Jacobs has been competing since 2009, and with a low enough PDGA number that’s likely coveted by many, he’s learned over the years that staying level headed is just as important as regular practice. Let’s learn a bit more about Steven, understand his disc golf background, and see how his 2019 season is shaping up.

Falling Hard And Fast

Steven hadn’t experienced the sport of disc golf until 2007, and it was actually thanks to his involvement in baseball that got him started. While competing at Warren Township Park in Gurnee, IL, he noticed the property also featured a disc golf course, and he quickly became hooked. By the summer of 2008, he was playing every day and sharpening his skills and joined the competitive circuit a year later.

It wasn’t until 2013 that things began to change, as he competed in that year’s Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships. He came in first in the Advanced division, and later earned himself a spot in 23rd during Pro Worlds. “I remember Jeremy Rusco watching some of my play during that tournament. DD invited me to join [the team] soon after that!” Steven explained.

This year has been ideal for him so far, with a great result at the recent Skyline Classic in Wisconsin where he ended in a three-way tie for second place. GBO also put another successful notch in his disc golf belt, and while he placed 62nd in the MPO field, the highlight for him was seeing old friends and making new ones.

Handing The Pressure

Since Steven isn’t on the road full-time, he’s able to take a more balanced approach to his disc golf game. While he enjoys playing Magic: The Gathering, reading, and playing jazz trumpet in his spare time, he also brings an air of wisdom to his disc golf skill set: “I make a priority of practicing in my free time as well as working out, stretching, and trying to relax my mind. My life is busy and I do my best to balance the different aspects of my life. When I do that, my disc golf game is at its best.”

This year, keeping his mind clear both on and off the course is a primary goal for Steven, and with his trusty line-up of Deputy, Truth, and Raider molds, he’s ready to take on the rest of the season with confidence. “I’m looking forward to Pro Worlds,” he said excitedly. “It is at courses I’m familiar with in my home state. I love the high-level competition at Worlds and the intensity of the tourney.” We wish Steven the best of luck this year and hope that he has an awesome season!
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