Thursday, November 29, 2018

An Amazing Ambassador For Am Players - We Caught Up With DD Team Member Marcus Rawls

Photo: Conrad Meyer Photography
All too often, people imagine that you have to be a full-time touring player who’s rated over 1000 to be a part of the Dynamic Discs family. While we certainly have some of the sport’s most skilled players as a part of our team, we recognize talent everywhere. Plenty of amateur players make up our DD family, including Marcus Rawls, a passionate disc golfer from Larkspur, Colorado.

Marcus has had a great 2018 season and we took some time to catch up with him, learning a bit more about his go-to discs, his most memorable win, and how he seamlessly integrates disc golf into his life.

Sweet, Sweet Redemption

Marcus started playing disc golf on a 9 hole course at a local camp, Ponderosa, and was introduced to the game by friends of his. While he just so happens to run this camp as well, Marcus fell in love with the sport through playing tag matches and tournaments. His first competitive event, the MHDGC Spring Fling in 2015, found Rawls in a playoff for first in the Recreational division. He gave it his all, but came up short and ended in second.

This year, he competed in the MA40 division and was able to capture the win, making this event one of his highlights of the season. He’s also taken home several other top finishes in 2018, including the GBO Flex Start C-Tier at Peter Pan Park, his favorite course.

Is Disc Golf Life?

Integrating recreational activities into one’s life can always be a challenge, but Marcus knows exactly how to get the most out of it, “Balance is all about taking care of priorities. My faith comes first, my wife second, family third, then my job, and disc golf after that.” Although it may seem low on the list, Marcus is still a very active part of the DD team, noting that his friendship with Doug Bjerkaas helped him to get more involved:

“The last two years we have been able to bring The Colorado Crew to GBO and volunteer for whatever Doug throws at us as well as partner with Eagles Wings Chapel services. Back home in Colorado, I am able to host a putting league for Pikes Peak Flyers DGC, the Line in the Pines at Ponderosa tournament in May, and the Winter Warriors in November for MHDGC. I try to help local clubs in any way I can as well as teach disc golf at camp.”

Rawls certainly focuses on his own game too, and with the most recent rating update showing a 10-point move up from last time, he’s excited about what 2019 has in store. His tools of the trade? His go-to putter is the Marshal, although he may rotate between Classic, Classic Soft, and Classic Super Soft. He loves the Latitude 64 Zion as well as the Ballista Pro to get distance off the tee box.

Marcus is a wonderful addition to the DD team and shows Amateur players everywhere that you too can become super involved in the sport on both a local and national level. “It has been a true joy to be a part of Team DD. It's like being part of a great family,” he says.
  1. Thank you Marcus and Dynamic Discs for spreading the love in Colorado. We are honored and excited to have Marcus be a part of our community. Looking forward to putting league again this year and having Marcus be a part of our new player development for Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club

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