Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 2: How Missy Grew Her Game In Colorado

Disc golf is the perfect sport for anyone who’s looking for a fun new activity, but sometimes making a name for yourself can be a challenge, especially when you’ve just moved to a new area. In Part 2 of our DD Women’s Series, we learn how team member Missy Gannon got comfortable with disc golf in her new home of Colorado.

Not only did it take some time for Missy to fall head over heels with the sport to begin with, but acclimating to a new town and new job also took some adjusting. She shared with us how her local disc golf community helped to instill a passion in her and grow her skill set at the same time.

Support From Others

Playing disc golf with your close friends is awesome, but there’s nothing like getting to meet others and be a part of a community. Missy found out about the Longs Peak Disc Golf Club and was pleased to find it was only about half an hour away from her place of work. Every Wednesday after work, she’d drive down and play with a ton of other Colorado locals.

“I ended up joining the summer league and doing really well, sometimes beating some of the guys! Eventually, at the end of that first summer in 2016, I technically won the summer league in the women’s division. It became something where people started to realize who I was and the skill level I was bringing,” Missy explained.

Her desire to get involved extended beyond just her time on the course, and until recently, Gannon also held a position on the Longs Peak Disc Golf Club board.

Moving On Up

Missy’s love for disc golf was now in full force, and at the end of 2016, she decided to take her game more seriously and moved up into the Advanced Women’s division. Right around this time, she started reaching out to potential sponsors, knowing that having the support of a team behind her would help to propel her game even more. Another big decision came around this time, as Missy wanted to take her disc golf career to the next level:

“After doing a ton of research and seeing what was out there, I decided that I was going to make AM Worlds happen that year. It felt really quick but I was almost 28 by then - I just have to do it. I kept playing competitively at almost every Colorado event up until July when AM Worlds happened,” she said.

While Missy has decades of disc golf left in her, she’s aware that she got a bit of a later start than many of her current competitors. This motivation to not waste time and take her performance to the next level is what helped her to make some of the most important decisions in her career.

Her persistence paid off because just before she played her final nine holes at AM Worlds, she was presented with her Dynamic Discs sponsorship offer. If you’re wondering what’s next for Missy and her disc golf career, be sure to check in with us for Part 3 of this DD Women’s Series!
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