Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What's Your Best Ace Story?

Getting a disc golf ace is as elusive for some as finding Sasquatch in the woods, while for others it seems they rack up the 1’s with ease. Even if you happen to be lucky and get aces more often than most, there’s still something special about them.

We thought we’d have a little fun with this blog post and highlight some of the best, weirdest, or just plain funny aces that our DD team members have executed themselves or seen happen in real life. These are just a few of the many anecdotes that have been shared along the way:

A Ray:

“The team, especially those members around DFW, used to rib me for a long time. I didn't hit my first ace until nearly 9 years of playing disc golf (in 2016). The ironic part is that my now wife, when we were dating back in 2008, hit an ace the second time I took her out to play disc golf -- at my now home course Crowley Bicentennial. So for a while whenever the topic of aces would come up, they'd ask, "A Ray, how many aces do you have...?" "...and how many does your wife have?!!!"

Danny Lindahl:

“I hit an ace when I just got a brand new Moonshine Warden with the team stamp on it. I was so proud of that brand new, beautiful disc I threw it on pretty much every hole. I aced hole 13 and immediately my stomach sank. My friends were hooting and hollering and I was excited but I was dreading what was next. We got to the basket and they were all ready to sign my disc and I quietly asked if they would mind not marking this one. They agreed but on the condition that they deny it ever happened. So did I really ace hole 13 at Beaverfork with a Moonshine Warden? I did, but nobody believes me.”

Christopher Wojciechowski:

“In 2012 I was paired up at our long-running Sunday doubles with another pro's 11-year-old son. During the round I picked up my longest hole in one at 416' (Vienna Park #18 Long), split the ace pool with the other pro who hit the 237' #3, and then beat the other pro when his son parked the second hole of the sudden death playoff for us (that other pro had offered to pay my entry for putting up with an 11-year-old from the long tees before the round). The funny thing about my ace - I got within 50' before I realized it wasn't lying on the ground behind the bucket and figured out I had the hole in one. Some locals had done such an incredible job the day before cleaning up the cramped green that I wasn't even paying attention. It was an amazing eventful day of golf.”

Chris Smith:

“I was playing the Lewisville Open with teammate Bryce Longerbone. We came to hole 2, our second to last hole. I had a nasty spit and Bryce capitalized with a birdie to tie us up. After teeing off on hole 3, an anhyzer over the lake, his disc came to rest 20 feet out. He said ‘now you need a birdie to tie me.’ So I aced it to beat him by one.”

Ace stories are always some of the best around in the sport of disc golf, and we love hearing about these proud and funny moments. Do you have a spectacular ace story that you want to share with the world? Tell us all about it in the comments below!
  1. Unfortunately even after 6 years of playing I have not had an ace yet.

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