Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How Do You Handle A Lost Disc?

We often enact some pretty funny situations in our Disc Golf Is Life videos, but more than likely you’ve experienced the same things we portray on camera. In our latest clip, we see Robert lose one of his trusted discs off the tee pad. After a long and sad day, he prints up and distributes “Lost Disc” signs throughout his community in the hopes that his beloved plastic will come back to him.

While you can get a laugh by watching the full video here, it touches on an important topic within the disc golf community. Nearly every player out there has lost their favorite disc at one point in time, and people seem to be pretty split into two camps: search for half an hour no matter what in an attempt to recover your disc, or let it go and simply do without.

Ultimately it depends on your level of play and how seasoned your disc was. If you finally have something dialed in and then instantly lose it, you may want to make every effort to recover it. However, if you’re a pro player and have nearly unlimited access to plastic, saving your time and buying a new one may be a smarter option.

How do you handle losing a disc? Do your friends hate you for always making them look with you through tall grass and thorny bushes? Or, do you let your disc go and hope someone will find it and call you? Share your lost disc philosophy with us below!