Monday, May 14, 2018

Fix Your Off Axis Torque With Tips From Danny Lindahl

We’ve all done it a time or two, and for some players, it becomes a major issue that costs them distance on their drives. That’s right, we’re talking about off axis torque and how this wobble can be corrected with a few simple tips.

  • Focus on getting a lot of spin on your disc, as this is the number one reason why you tend to see discs wobble in mid-flight. Adjusting where you place your hand and how you pull through on your drive will help quite a bit.
  • Forehand players who are troubled with their torque might be rolling their wrist too much when they release their disc. By adjusting your grip and keeping your thumb on the top of the disc for your entire drive, you’ll find that you can execute a much more stable shot.
  • As you’ve heard countless times, your follow through is crucial to your game. It also helps to eliminate off axis torque as well, assuming you stay in line with the type of shot you’re throwing.
For helpful demonstrations of these tips, watch Danny’s full video here. If you have questions that you want answered, head over to today!

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