Thursday, June 14, 2018

Are you someone trying to break above that 900/925 rating threshold?

If you are someone trying to break above that 900/925 rating threshold, you are the primary audience for this article. Guessing there are more players in this category than those who can bomb w/ratings near 1000. Huge key point first: You must know one’s arm strength before you can recommend (or seek recommendations for) discs for specific throws, otherwise such article may not help you. About my arm strength: At 56 years old, my average long drive (no wind) is around 340 feet, mid-range 270 feet, and putters up to 230 feet. If your arm strength is anywhere near mine (+ or – 40 feet), and you’re hovering just below that 900 rating, please read on…

Wanted to personally share which four (4) discs I have found most helpful to my game, in hopes that it will help anyone else, discs which helped me stay above that 925 rating and keep it going; my MVD's (Most Valuable Discs). I’d suggest giving these discs their chance to help improve your personal game:

Latitude 64 Havoc or Air Havoc – Yes, I can pump my Air King & Destiny about 340 feet. But for me, the Havoc (a little shorter at 320 feet) provides more accuracy (i.e. slightly more stable than my Air King) and a dependable flight that will not easily flip on me, and it can withstand a moderate headwind. The shape of its edge feels perfect for my hand. Consistency & accuracy is much more important than the extra 20 feet I might achieve by throwing hard as I can with the highest speed disc. The Havoc is the driver that lands me in the fairway the most often of any disc I possess. I save strokes by purposely strategizing for the safer drive to set up the approach.

 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth – Extremely versatile & solid mid-range that, again, provides one of the most consistent flight paths (i.e. I know exactly how it will fly). It will not flip on me but I can certainly manipulate it to achieve that “S” shot when needed, and it will fight moderate headwinds. Unpredictability is rarely an issue. I love the grip too, and I would have to admit I’ve thrown way fewer bad shots with the EMac Truth compared to my other mid-ranges.

Westside Discs Tursas – What a straight mid-range disc and boy can it hold an anhyzer line well. On wooded courses with tight lines, this disc is pure gold. Nobody needs to hit a Home Run on every shot while playing difficult holes, so use the Tursas to keep your disc in play and thus improve your overall score in the end. If you’ve never tried this disc, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Dynamic Discs Warden – Putting practice is a must, keep several Wardens in your stash, and practice more! Never seen as much consistency when thrown hard (or softly) and putting on my intended line. In sticking with this disc, and learning it, my putting has improved significantly over the last few years. Love its surface texture, and overall I’m highly satisfied w/ the results.

Again, this article is primarily for those who are trying to break into the 900’s and perhaps a bit higher. And as for my all-time #1 tip for breaking & staying above that 900 barrier? Practice the short game at least 2/3rds of your total practice time. Just do it. Although many people can drive a greater distance than I do, it has been the short game that allows me to still shoot the better score. Now get out there, Be Dynamic, and make a difference in your game!

Dave Muntean
  1. Good post. Those are some great discs. I've used several of them over the last few years while my arm strength/speed has gotten better.