Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Disc Golf Journey In The Making - We Get To Know DD Team Member Danny Lindahl

You may have seen Danny Lindahl’s face on your computer screen or heard his voice on a YouTube video, but did you know that he’s now a full-fledged member of the Dynamic Discs team? Signing on with us in 2017, Danny has made a name for himself with his instructional videos offering tips to pro and beginning players alike.

In this installment of our look at the DD team, we wanted to give you a glimpse into Danny’s background in disc golf and what he’s focusing on in 2018.

Playing On A Local Level

Danny first started playing disc golf a handful of years ago and didn’t compete in his first tournament until 2014. Since then he’s carded 6 career wins and states that he’s completely hooked on the sport. His addition to the DD team last year was just the icing on the cake: “Everyone always says it’s like being part of a family, and they’re 100% correct. Being on the team means I have access to the knowledge that the more experienced players have and are happy to share. We all work together to make sure everyone is the best they can be,” he said.

While he travels to tournaments and works diligently to create a plethora of videos in conjunction with DD, Lindahl also plays regularly with his local friends. His advice if you are looking to get more involved with your local disc golf community? “Facebook is huge in the disc golf community. Find the local clubs page and post whenever you’re heading out. I’ll get off work at 2, post that I’ll be at the course at 3, and 3-4 people will meet me there. Lots of people work weird hours and are just looking for someone to throw with.”

Improving His Game

It’s one thing to help others with their game, but for Danny, he’s equally looking forward to working on his own set of skills. Some things, however, he has dialed in, including his ability to play on wooded layouts. His favorite shot to throw? “EMAC Truth - dead straight.  I play in the woods a lot and anything from 300-350’ I am confident I can hit with that disc.  It’s so easy to get it to fly straight and it goes so far once I’ve set it on its line.”

Noting that he’s always been “too skinny” to play other sports, Danny relies on his incredible endurance to get through long rounds of golf. His goal for this season is to work on his “consistency putting and controlling my angles better off the tee. I’m doing better hitting lines lately but controlling my release angle has been a struggle.”

Here’s a fun fact if you see Lindahl on the course this year - he’s nearly fluent in Spanish, so be sure to give him a warm “hola” when you see him! The team at Dynamic Discs is so thrilled to have Danny on our team this year and we are excited to see how the rest of his season shapes up!
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