Monday, January 15, 2018

When Disc Golf Really Is Life - All About DD Team Member Brian Miller

It’s tough to strike a balance when the disc golf bug hits - we become obsessed with playing and often have to find creative ways to fit our new passion in between the other facets of our life. For DD team member Brian Miller, he’s found success in that delicate dance of competing, volunteering, and taking care of life’s other responsibilities.

We got a chance to chat with Brian recently to learn more about the impact he’s had on the Indiana disc golf scene and find out what makes him such a dedicated player.

Hard Work Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Believe it or not, Brian didn’t instantly become obsessed with disc golf the first time he played. While he was certainly attracted to the sport, it was years before he took it seriously. “I just wanted to be the guy that would go out to the park with 1 disc and play as quickly as possible. Then a couple friends started getting serious about it. They were starting to get pretty good so I decided to get a bag and start trying to get better,” he explains.

This competitive spirit has been with Miller long before joining the DD team, as his athletic background includes experience in wrestling, football, pole vaulting, and seeing success within several traveling softball teams. Once he decided to take the leap into tournament play, Brian was able to bring home multiple career wins and consistently performs very well on the course.

The Indiana Disc Golf Scene

While he may not be traveling and competing as much as he’d like, Brian is involved with disc golf as much as his work schedule allows. Among his accomplishments on the course in 2017, he notes a few other proud moments, including running a disc golf camp, acting as the TD for several large events, volunteering his time to improve local courses, and securing the 2nd place win at the Indiana State Championships.

Perhaps it’s his friendly Midwest demeanor or the appreciation he feels toward the DD family that fuels his desire to make disc golf more prevalent in his hometown, but Brian knows what representing the sport truly means.

“Have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be classy. Get to know people,” he says when asked what he would tell anyone going on tour for the first time, or really any player who is getting into the sport in general. His attitude aligns perfectly with the DD mission, and he recognizes that how you treat people and the atmosphere you create around disc golf are paramount to growing its numbers.

2018 And Beyond

Touring proves to be a challenge for Brian, as returning home to work prohibits him from traveling for extended periods of time. However, you’ll find him at some of the major events in 2018, including the Glass Blown Open. When he’s not playing, Miller spends time with his family and continues to work on local courses and host great events.

He notes that his best friend, Jason Smith, has been an integral part of not only enjoying the sport but in making a major impact in Indiana: “He and I have worked very hard over the years to promote disc golf, improve our courses, improve relations with the parks department, and grow our club.”

It’s this diligence and motivation that makes Miller such a great ambassador for DD and for the sport of disc golf. We hope you have an awesome 2018 season Brian!
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  1. Thank you for the great article! I wouldn't want to play for any other sponsor! It's been a fantastic run with Dynamic Discs so far. 10+ years being on Team DD at this point?