Thursday, January 18, 2018

Testing Out The Maverick Prototype With Eric, Tina, And Zach

Bringing a new disc out into the field always puts a bit of butterflies in our stomach, as it's super exciting to see how our new creation will fly. Despite it being a rather windy day, we headed out with Eric Oakley, Tina Stanaitis, and Zach Melton to give the Maverick a run for its money.

As a new understable fairway driver, we wanted to see how each of these players would react to it. All three of them found really notable points about the Maverick that will surely make it a go-to disc for many.

When Zach first held the Maverick, he was surprised at how nice it felt in his hand. He described it as a "shallow and compact feel" which made it super comfortable. Throwing it on a hyzer, even in wind, allowed the disc to pop up and go straight before fading out a bit, giving him some nice distance and a trustworthy line.

Tina also loved the way the Maverick felt, commenting that it has a bit of a dome to it. She loves throwing her Fury and had heard that this disc was similar, so she was especially anxious to give it a shot. Tina's throws went exceptionally straight and had a lot more glide than her beloved Fury. She said the Maverick will be great for fighting the wind and she sees it working well for those with slower arm speeds.

Eric did some fancy things with his Maverick, including throwing a roller and a sidearm shot. He said this disc's profile makes it great for low ceiling shots, tightly wooded fairways, and for staying underneath the wind with a low throw.

You can check out all three players testing the Maverick in our latest video!
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