Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The DD Women's Series - Part 4: Choosing Putters With Paige Bjerkaas

We’ve had a blast learning from Paige Bjerkaas about which discs will help both beginning and advanced female disc golfers, and now it’s time for the final piece to bring it all together. Learning to master your putter can bring a depth of skill to the rest of your game, so let’s find out which discs she recommends for those shots when you’re close to the basket.

What About The Rest Of The Bag?

In case you missed any of the other parts of this Women’s Series, let’s do a quick run through to find out which discs will help you out on the course:

  • Beginning women can benefit from the Renegade and the Breakout when you’re on the tee box or working your way down a long fairway. The Proof works great as a predictable midrange disc.
  • Pro gals will love the Sheriff and the Escape for max distance shots that need a lot of power and finesse. The Truth will be your new favorite midrange due to its versatility and reliability.

What disc golf bag would be complete without putters? Bjerkaas is a firm believer in having the right putter for your skill set since your technique with this type of disc can set you up for success in all areas of disc golf.

Best For Beginners: The Gavel

When you’re just learning the basics of disc golf, having easy to throw discs is the name of the game. It’s important for a disc to fit comfortably in your hand and to be able to trust that it will do what you want it to.

With that being said, the Gavel is an awesome understable putter for women who are still dialing in their putting form. It has a smaller rim and feels great in the hand, encouraging you to use it for putts and shorter upshots. A soft throw will get it to fly nice and straight, yet it won’t fade out on you if you’re taking on a shot that’s a bit beyond your comfort zone.

Plastic Availability:

  • Prime
  • Lucid

Best For Pros: The Judge

One of the more popular putters made by Dynamic Discs, the Judge can handle a lot of power for experienced players who have an aggressive spin or push putts. Great for upshots that need to fly straight, Paige says she can really put some power behind her Judge and it will hyzer and flip up to straight every time.

Having a predictable disc to get you within the circle is key when playing at a top level, and Bjerkaas recommends the Judge as it will do what you need it to every single time. There’s no question about it - the Judge should be in every experienced lady’s bag!

Plastic Availability:

  • Fuzion
  • Lucid
  • Fluid
  • Classic
  • Classic Blend
  • Classic Soft
  • Classic Super Soft

By now you should have a complete bag stocked up with the discs that will suit your game the best! Thanks so much for joining us on this four-part Women’s Series where we got to find out from Paige Bjerkaas which discs work great for female disc golfers.

Be sure to catch our next Women’s Series and check out the online store for any of the discs we’ve talked about!
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