Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The DD Women's Series - Part 3: Choosing Midranges With Paige Bjerkaas

Now that we’ve got you off the tee box, let’s dig into the next important part of any woman’s disc golf game: throwing approach shots with midranges. There’s no doubt that you’ve gotten a good distance down the fairway thanks to one of Paige’s recommended drivers, but what if you’re on a longer hole and still have a bit to go? Utilizing a midrange and dialing in your shot so that you have a tap in can do wonders to bring down your score.

First, A Quick Review

We got some great tips from Paige Bjerkaas in our two previous blogs in the Women’s Series, giving us an idea of how to get max distance and control from our drives. When it comes to distance drivers, she recommends the Renegade for beginning players and the Sheriff for more advanced women. Fairway drivers that work well for ladies who are just starting off include the Breakout, and those with more power and experience will see great results with the Escape.

Learning to throw a midrange with finesse can take some time, so Bjerkaas was careful to recommend discs that will really suit each type of player’s skill level.

Best For Beginners: The Proof

Let’s say it’s your very first round of disc golf - ever! You might be dismayed if every time you throw
a disc it bombs off to the left before seeming to get any distance, and that’s understandable. But for those who are still learning proper form and don’t have much disc golf experience, there’s a midrange disc that will fly straight for you practically no matter what you do to it.

Designed with a super small rim for a comfortable grip, the Proof is a must-have for any new golfer. Ladies will find that it flies straight with little power and it only comes in lighter weights, allowing you to get a good amount of distance.

Plastic Availability:
  • Prime
  • Lucid

Best For Pros: The Truth

One of Dynamic Discs’ original molds, the Truth is a straight flying midrange that can be manipulated for nearly any shot. Women with more experience will find that they can use the Truth for a hyzer, turnover, far, or close shots, as Paige says it’s super versatile and incredibly consistent.

A lightweight Truth will fly dead straight without very much power behind it, again assuming you use proper form, while the heavier options require a bit of muscle in order to shape the shot you’re looking for. Getting a good handle on this midrange will no doubt help to reduce the number of putts you find yourself making outside of the circle.

Plastic Availability:
  • Lucid
  • Fuzion
  • BioFuzion
  • Air
  • Fluid

Take Control Of Your Bag

When it comes to getting more comfortable with your game, no matter how long you’ve been playing, choosing your own discs is key! Paige strongly recommends that you make the decision about what does or doesn’t go in your bag, rather than letting your boyfriend or husband tell you what will work well.

Ready to find out which putters will help your score and complete your bag? Check back with us for Part 4 with Paige Bjerkaas, and visit our online store to order the Proof or the Truth today!
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