Thursday, October 5, 2017

Need Help With Disc Selection? Robert McCall Gives Us Some Tips

If you're relatively new to disc golf, it probably seems like the number of discs to choose from is astronomical. From different plastics to various types of discs and stability levels, how is someone supposed to know what works for them without spending a ton of money?

That's precisely why we put this video together, in an effort to help guide newer players and those with lower arm speeds toward discs that will fly well for them. Let's face it - you want to have fun playing disc golf, and part of it is being able to execute the shots you draw up in your mind!

Discs that are designed for more experienced players will have a tendency to fade left pretty early on, and that kind of flight can be discouraging as you're trying to make it to the basket.

When it comes to creating a strong foundation in your disc collection, we recommend three options:

  • Dynamic Discs Witness for distance shots, allowing for a straighter line and achieving maximum distance
  • Dynamic Discs Truth for approach shots, giving you a straight and controllable disc you can trust
  • Dynamic Discs Judge for putting, a great disc that feels nice in the hand

If you need a laugh, Robert has some pretty "crappy" outtakes!
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