Monday, October 2, 2017

Interested In Disc Golf? Try Our Starter Set

One of the great things about the sport of disc golf is that it has a pretty low barrier to entry compared to other sports out there. You don't need a uniform or any protective gear, and you barely even need special shoes - regular athletic ones will do the job just fine.

When it comes to our tools, some people might try to tell you that you need a fancy bag that runs hundreds of dollars and to fill it, you'll have to spend a pretty penny on discs too. But if you're brand new to disc golf or are trying to show someone else why you love it so much, you probably don't want to spend that much hard earned cash.

That's where the Prime Starter Set comes in. Offering a putter, midrange, and fairway driver all in Prime plastic, it's DD's way of giving you the tools you need right off the bat. What's more, the set comes with a Cadet bag, so you'll have a place to keep your new discs, keys, and some water while you're out on the course.

Want to learn more about what's in this awesome buy? Anthony fills us in on everything the Starter Set has to offer.

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