Friday, August 18, 2017

What's It Like To Run A Disc Golf Store? Dynamic Discs Carrollton Owner Steven Storrie Tells All

Once we become obsessed with disc golf, it’s natural to want to implement it into every aspect of our lives that we possibly can. We watch post-produced coverage at night after work, and maybe we listen to a disc golf podcast on the way to our day job each morning. Weekends are filled with as many rounds as possible, and yet it can sometimes still feel like it’s not enough.

The idea of running a disc golf store might be a dream come true for many, as you’d have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your passion while making a living at the same time! We recently chatted with Steven Storrie, owner of the Dynamic Discs Carrollton store, to find out if the reality of owning a disc golf retail establishment is as dreamy as it seems.

The DD Carrollton Background

Steven’s store is a franchised location, meaning that while it sells many similar products and operates like the other DD retailers, it’s actually privately owned by him. Storrie has a background as a managing partner for Sonic Drive-In and was able to transfer his success and experience there into opening his own DD location.

It was certainly a leap of faith in a lot of ways, as Steven explains: “I started out sponsoring DD events in small ways here and there. Jeremy approached me about opening a Dynamic Discs store in Texas. After many conversations and weighing out my long-term options, I decided to quit my job.” With the support of Jeremy Rusco and others, Steven has the freedom to make all of his own business decisions as 100% owner, yet obviously, makes sure he keeps everything in line with DD as a whole.

The Unexpected Challenges

“You better come up with a much better business template than the one you started with!” Steven said when asked what advice he would give himself if he could do things all over again. Just like with anything else in life, opening and operating a disc golf store brings its own fair share of hurdles that we can’t even begin to imagine until they’re right in front of us.

Storrie mentions that growing as a person as well as a business owner is mandatory if you want to be successful: “Adaptation is a way of life in this sense. Some days you can feel tested, mocked, torn down, congratulated, insulted, praised, and thanked all at the same time. After a certain amount of time, you learn to take in the good and brush off the not-so-good.”

Amazing Experiences

While any job can be tough, Steven knows he’s pretty much living the dream with his Carrollton location. Their store actively sponsors and hosts over 60 events per year, and gets to stay up to date on all of the latest DD products - it’s not uncommon to see several stock shipments show up in any given seven day period.

Perhaps one of the best things that have happened as a result of opening up his store is that Steven has become a better player! “Somehow I have improved since we have opened though,” he said. “I firmly believe it is a product of becoming a smarter competitor.”

A big thanks go out to Steven and his staff at the Dynamic Discs Carrollton location for all of their hard work and dedication to the sport we love. The next time you’re in Texas, check out Steven’s shop and say hello!
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