Monday, August 21, 2017

Dissecting A Pro Player's Casual Round

"There is no casual when you play professionally - everything is a bet," says Paige Pierce before playing a fun round with Zach Melton and Eric McCabe. After spying a tire swing on a nearby playground, Paige said the loser has to stay on for 60 seconds without throwing up.

A few weeks ago, the trio headed to Sanders Ferry Disc Golf Course in Hendersonville, Tennessee to enjoy their day while Bobby Brown filmed and asked them questions.

While the video shows its fair share of goofy antics between team members, it also gives us a look into how professionals play disc golf "casually" compared to your average recreational player. One of the first things we noticed is that signed discs were stashed around the course, as McCabe says it's his way of giving back with the hopes that a newbie might find one.

This casual round really doesn't show many differences between the focus the players have while in tournament mode versus how they execute their shots on a fun day off. They're still strategic, they're still competitive, and they still think through every shot they take. It's very evident that disc golf is a love as well as a science both when they're on and off the clock.

What do your casual rounds look like? Are your focus and intensity just as high as when you're competing in a tournament, or do you take the word casual more literally? Let us know how you approach casual rounds in the comments below.
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