Friday, July 28, 2017

The Second Generation Sniper Bag Is Here

Equipment costs shouldn’t be a barrier to entry when it comes to playing disc golf, and that’s why we are so pleased to have a super affordable and high-quality bag available. We’ve just released a redesigned version of our Sniper Bag and it has some pretty great treats in store!

The Sniper Bag can hold up to 16 discs in the main storage compartment, and this second generation brings the addition of a putter pocket on the bag’s main flap. You’ll still get to take advantage of the sleek upper pocket, where players can store more discs or use the mesh pouch for valuables like keys or a cell phone.

Features on the sides include the capacity for two water bottles as well as a pouch specifically for your mini. A slot for a pencil or Sharpie as well as a hook for your towel or local league’s bag tag finishes off the left side.

Since this bag is designed to do it all, you can utilize the latch on the right-hand side and use it in conjunction with the drink pouch to secure your umbrella or stool without having to carry it or have it flop around as you walk.

We pride ourselves on the comfort of this backpack style bag, as we’ve used reinforced straps and have made sure it’s a comfortable size that won’t wear your back out after just one round.

The Sniper Bag comes in Black/Gray, Bora, Light Gray, and Red/Black and is available here for only $69.99!
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