Friday, July 14, 2017

New To Disc Golf? Here Are Some Discs Just For Beginners

Selecting and purchasing new discs is probably one of the most exciting and simultaneously overwhelming aspects for anyone new to the sport of disc golf. On one hand, you feel like a kid in a candy store; there are so many options to choose from it makes your head spin! On the other hand, there’s a problem - it’s not always obvious which molds will best suit your needs, which is only exacerbated by then being confronted with dozens if not hundreds of options.

This situation can certainly make your disc buying experience a daunting challenge if you’re not prepared. That’s why we’ve created a helpful video along with tips from Dynamic Discs team member Tina Stanaitis. She recommends that women, as well as newer players, try out the Breakout, the Truth, and the Judge.

Another great set of options available for new players is being offered from our overseas counterpart. The Ruby, the Diamond, the Jade, and the Pearl are four easy to use discs that Latitude 64ยบ has developed for beginners, children, and anyone throwing under 300 feet. Let these lighter weight and easy to grip discs soar with ease as you learn the mechanics of disc golf and steadily improve your game.

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with the sport and your skills have grown, take some time to check out all of the other great options available from the Dynamic Discs lineup.
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