Monday, July 31, 2017

National Disc Golf Day

Do you have friends, family members, or co-workers who might enjoy disc golf if they gave it a try? National Disc Golf Day could be the perfect opportunity to introduce people to the sport that we all love. Commemorating its first anniversary after its inception last year, National Disc Golf Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of August. If you’d like to learn about how National Disc Golf Day began, Marty Gregoire recaps the process in this article.

We asked Jason Wilder, one of the founders of National Disc Golf Day, about his vision for the day:

“The whole idea driving National Disc Golf Day is that we wanted it to be something grassroots that no manufacturer would own. We wanted it to belong to the people. To make that work, we needed some central means to publicize what people are doing and to share their experiences.

I started the National Disc Golf Day Facebook page with hopes of getting people to post stories, pictures, etc.”

In a sport with so many different personalities and companies involved, it’s exciting to have a day to come together to focus on the thing we all work toward: growing the sport! If you’re interested in participating in National Disc Golf Day this year, here are a couple of tips for you!

  1. Bring your discs to work during the week leading up to National Disc Golf Day. It’s possible that your co-workers don’t know that you play disc golf, so they might know to ask you about disc golf if they’re interested. At Dynamic Discs, when we run clinics for businesses, the employees are often a bit skeptical, but they quickly warm up to the game once they try it. It’s possible that the only thing your co-workers need to become interested is for someone to share the sport with them!
  2. Buy a few starter sets to give to people who are interested in trying out disc golf. Most disc golfers have enough discs to let others borrow some for a round or two, but those discs are often too overstable or heavy for first time players to throw properly. Investing in a few starter sets will allow you to give discs to new players that fit their skill level, and they’ll be able to keep the discs for future rounds.
In the last few years, we’ve seen a notable uptick in celebrations of different days on the National Day Calendar, and due to the work of Jason Wilder, Sara Nicholson, Michael Downes, and Marty Gregoire, we have a perfect day to share the excitement we have for growing disc golf through National Disc Golf Day! Check out the National Disc Golf Day Facebook page to see how others are celebrating around the world and to share your own experiences. So get out there, invite some friends, and play some disc golf!
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