Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Growing Disc Golf Through Local Media

Every disc golfer has dreamed of seeing disc golf on TV. When players spark debates about growing disc golf, much of the discussion centers on having disc golf featured on ESPN. While we will see an occasional ace or fantastic shot featured on SportsCenter Top 10, it’s important to consider coverage on other media outlets and local news stations as helpful to our sport’s growth as well.

Troy Widden and Greater Binghamton Disc Golf are currently experiencing the benefits of local television coverage for the growth of disc golf in their area. After working on installing a course in their area and meeting resistance due to lack of funding, Troy shares about the turning point in their planning process: “We got a call from the county parks director today saying that the county executive saw [the disc golf story] on TV last night and wants a course installed by next summer at the park at which we proposed.”

If you’re interested in growing disc golf in your area, contacting your local news outlets is a great and often overlooked way to garner more interest and create more exposure for your tournament, course or project. Each time disc golf and its supporters are featured in a positive fashion like Greater Binghamton Disc golf, it not only helps them out, but it helps to grow disc golf everywhere.

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