Friday, May 12, 2017

Representing The Team From Across The Pond - Meet Sweden's Victor Nyhuus

Hard work, dedication, passion, persistence - all of these words are synonymous with the sport’s top players, yet you don’t have to be scoring 1000 rated rounds to be a part of the Dynamic Discs team. Demonstrating a strong commitment to our sport and acting as an amazing ambassador in Sweden, DD team member Victor Nyhuus embodies the disc golf spirit we love to see. We recently talked with him about his 2017 season and got to know a little bit about what it’s like to be a pro in Scandinavia.

This Year Might Be His Best Yet

Victor has been excited for months as his first event of this year is taking him far from home and into our own backyard - he’ll be playing his first GBO and will get the chance to escape the cold weather in Sweden. “It is cold and [there’s] a lot of snow here in the winter and I don’t like playing in that,” he said, and after spending time in the gym to stay active, he’s ready to unleash his talent in Emporia.

Another highlight for 2017? He’ll be running Sweden’s largest amateur tournament, The Skywalker Disc Golf Open III in June. With a field of 144 players, it filled to capacity in less than one day! Victor is a huge Star Wars fan, but we found out that there’s a deeper meaning behind his tournament’s name: “A lot of people know me as ‘Skywalker’ and that I’m a big Star Wars fan, but not a lot of people know that it is actually my legal middle name.”

How Did He Get Into Disc Golf?

It seems that this sport takes ahold of us and won’t let go, even if it waits to come back into our lives years later. This was true for Nyhuus, as his friend Robert introduced him to disc golf at age 12. They would use beach frisbees and aim to hit trees and poles at their school.

“A few years later we heard that there was actually a real course pretty close to where we lived. So we went there and tried the real deal. And it wasn’t just any course, it was Järva Discgolfpark which is one of the best courses in the world,” he explained. Boy, don’t we all wish that this epic course could’ve been the first one we played?!

Although they had fun, Victor moved on to other sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, and baseball. In 2007, he played Järva again and this time was hooked. He’s played in the Open field for many years, and is so thankful that he can represent the DD team, saying “Not being a top pro and still being on the greatest disc golf team feels huge! It’s also an amazing feeling getting appreciation for what I try to do for disc golf in Sweden.”

Playing The Sport Across The Globe

Nyhuus loves playing in Sweden with local pros like Danne Johansson, Patrik Martinsson, and Joakim Broman, and also notes that he loves playing with his wife and two children just as much. Sweden has a very strong club presence, with each course being linked to a local club in that area. Even if you don’t have time to make it out to many events, Victor notes that there’s always something going on with one of the local groups.

What’s he working on personally this year? His entire game has changed since in the last 15 months he’s lost over 150 pounds! He’s essentially having to relearn how his body works when he throws, commenting that “everything feels so ‘weird’ but in a good way.”

Victor is a true example of what we love to see in players; he has a love for the sport like nothing else and is constantly committed to improving his own game and being an ambassador to those in Sweden. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Skywalker!
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