Friday, September 20, 2019

Introducing The Last Disc Golf Product You'll Ever Need To Buy - The Transit Cart

Perhaps you’ve been playing disc golf for a while and your shoulders are begging for a much-needed break from wearing your bag or you’re just starting the sport but want to enjoy the low-impact nature that a round can bring, but one thing is for sure - a disc golf cart sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. A quick search online could potentially dash all of your hopes, however, as you find out that you not only have to buy the cart frame, but need a backpack to put your discs in, and should probably even buy a few extra tires while you’re at it.

Suddenly, the thing that seemed like the answer to your prayers suddenly got really expensive, and you wonder if #cartlife is for you. It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally given disc golfers what they’ve been looking for with our brand new Transit Cart. You don’t have to give up the idea of using a cart, especially if finances are tight, with this beauty!

Our First Independent Cart

The crew at Dynamic Discs have long been fans of using carts during a round - they save your back, they often offer a built-in seat, and are functional enough to use for both casual and competitive play. It was only a matter of time before something like the Transit Cart came into fruition, but what exactly makes it so special?

The Transit Cart offers a ZÜCA frame that supports up to 300 pounds along with a bag built right in. It can hold up to 25 discs with ease, plus the extra storage space on the bottom can act as another section for plastic if you need to bring tons with you. The bag is made from water-resistant polyester and removes easily if you need to hand wash it and includes a large zippered front pocket to store your keys, phone, scorecards, and more.

Built To Last

A huge issue that people often have with disc golf carts, aside from having to purchase a bag if they don’t already have one, is the fact that tires can go flat at the least convenient of times. The Transit Cart solves that problem with all-season tubeless foam performance tires that roll right over rocks, through the snow, and over the roughest terrain you can imagine. If needed, the wheels remove very easily for storage purposes but keep in mind that the cart doesn’t currently meet FAA specifications for carry-on baggage.

If you’ve been on the fence about transitioning from a bag to a cart and aren’t sure if you want to make the investment, the Transit Cart is by far the best bang for your buck. Everything you need retails for one price of $249 and is designed to last you for years. This item has just been released as of September 18th, so make sure you head over to the Dynamic Discs website and place an order soon.

Want to see the Transit Cart in its full glory? You can watch Anthony do a full unboxing here!
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