Thursday, September 13, 2018

The DD Women's Series - Part 4: What The Future Holds For Missy

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about Missy Gannon, one of the ladies on the Dynamic Discs team. It’s truly incredible how influential disc golf can be in someone’s life, and Missy is a perfect example of that. From not really loving it the first time she played to quitting her job and going on tour full-time, a lot can happen in just a few years!

In this final part of our DD Women’s Series on Missy, we’re going to explore what she’d like to accomplish during the rest of this touring season and discuss where the world of disc golf might take her. After all, anyone can take a streak of luck and run with it, thus changing the future of their disc golf career.

What’s In A Name?

Putting yourself out there on tour brings a lot of changes to one’s life, but one lesser thought of reality is that people start to know who you are. For Missy, disc golf used to be a sport she played with her friends and local club members, but it was never something that she was ‘famous’ for. But lately, that’s changed: “When you’re a newbie in this big field of great women players, you don’t realize that people are starting to notice you even if you’re not playing well,” she shared.

The more and more events she competes in, the more Missy is finding herself in the spotlight. With this bit of notoriety comes another challenge - fine-tuning your mental game to make sure you don’t feel pressure to perform well now that people know who you are.

Looking Long Term

For the rest of the 2018 season, Missy is almost treating her tour like a mini-vacation. She’s happy that she can sort of hit reset on her life and is thankful that she’ll never look back and wonder what would’ve happened had she not gone. While she’d love to cash at her remaining events, the intrigue of finding out how she compares to other women out there is more important.

Will we see Gannon on tour next year? “It would be a sweet life to be able to continue doing this, [but] I also have to be a little practical too. If it turns out to be a summer thing then that’s ok,” she explained. For now, Missy and her beau have enough saved to continue the rest of their journey this season and then will spend some time on the East Coast with friends and family while they evaluate their plans for next year.

If she ends up placing well during the rest of the season and cashes at the bulk of her events, Missy might just decide to go for it and stay on the road for another year. Otherwise, her goal of experiencing life on the road just once will have been crossed off of her bucket list. Either way, she’s doing something that most of us only dream about.

Good luck with the rest of your season Missy! We’ve really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better!
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