Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Our Disc Golf Adventure To The 2018 Memorial

Now that disc golf season is in full swing, it’s time to put some miles on our new RV! We wanted a big crew to head out to Arizona in support of all of the DD team players in attendance, so Bobby, Jeremy, Robert, Eric, and Denise all packed up into our new toy and hit the road.

This short video not only chronicles how much fun we all have together, but it gives viewers a glimpse into what tour life is really like. Even when you have a nice ride to travel around in, it can still be grueling. Notice that despite having beds to sleep in, none of us look all that rested during our 3:30 am gas stop.

An RV is a sweet way to go but can be hard to live in for a week straight with a group of people. Renting out a house in Arizona was definitely a smart move, allowing us to take the RV to and from the courses each day.

We’re so glad that we had the chance to head out to The Memorial this year and want to send out a big congratulations to all of the DD team members who competed in this must-play event. Check out our full disc golf adventure video here to see what life on the road is all about!
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